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"The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, are of imagination all compact."

-William Shakespeare

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when u reread a message 7 times and still don’t know how to respond


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Do you ever just sit in your car with the heat on
And never want to get out
It’s warm in here
It’s cold out there
Nothing to do in here but sit
Lots of real world shit out there
I wanna stay in here


Guys and Dolls

One Night Only - At Carnegie Hall


TODAY IN THEATRE HISTORY: In 1976, a revival of Guys and Dolls features a cast composed entirely of African-American actors, led by Robert Guillaume, Norma Donaldson, Ernestine Jackson and Ken Page. It will run 239 performances, and earn Tony nominations for Guillaume, Jackson and Most Innovative Production of a Revival.

For more on the 1976 revival of Guys and Dolls, including a look inside the show’s opening night Playbill, visit

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